Savemi Digital Marketing

Hi there, I am Jon. I have 20+ years experience in all facets of marketing including digital marketing and global brand. At the height of my corporate career, I was running the US$250M WWE licensed video game globally – based in Los Angeles. I’ve had some amazing experiences that 12 yr old me could only dream of – and for that I am thankful.

I’ve been working on websites since the late 90’s and now run the Savemi Marketing agency. I love the work.

What makes Savemi different?

Our preference is for building upon WordPress and Woocommerce (e-commerce) simply because they have had the world developing for them ever since they have been introduced – and there is a solution for just about everything.

Moreover, when we hand the site over – it is easy for the client to use.

SEO – we use many ‘white hat’ techniques based on long tail key word research.

We are Australian (thus English native speaking) and have the work ethic to get the job done and not just leave the client stranded. You get what you pay for.

Save time, Save headaches, Savemi!

Jon Rowe, founder of Savemi