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Farmers World crypto game start up guide


What Is Farmers World?

Farmers World is like those frustratingly addictive Farm mobile games. The key difference being that instead of wasting a load of time and money on mobile games, you can actually make money from Farmers World.

Insert the obvious but necessary disclaimer that THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE and just my experience with the game. Do your own research.

It’s also worth pointing out that this game is still Beta (at best) and the mobile experience is sub par. If you are going to play, best load up on a PC before heading out and just maintain on mobile.

Before you start, you will need to set up a Wax Crypto Wallet.

So how do I make money?

Let’s get right to the point.  This is a crypto mining dapp. It’s not a game in the traditional sense, think of it more as a fun business. Check all of the prices and conversion rates before starting. Like any business you need to research, invest and work hard to get it up and running.

At the time of writing, the most straight forward ways to make coin are: Mining Gold and Mining Wood.

Food underpins the entire economy and is where you should start. Food converts to energy which allows all other activities (except gaining more food.) Food can be gathered every hour. Wood and gold every 2 hours. For every coin making endeavour that you begin, you MUST have a food making resource that will support it. Food is gained from fishing. Very important to note that Barley and Corn DO NOT count as food. I learned this the hard (and expensive) way.

Fishing tools: there are 3 types: rod, net and boat. Each have their own buy in price with the output of each related to their price. You can also craft everything, but at the time of writing the amount of resources (especially Wood) to craft anything is laughable. So I bought my tools from Atomic Exchange.

Farmers World Fishing Net 1
Click on the + button to create energy from food. 1 food = 5 energy
Click the Mine button to fish for food.

Mining Gold

If you take nothing else away from this article, remember PROCESS. Get the process right, learn how to optimise it to maximise your return. Currently the only tool for mining gold is the Excavator.  These can be purchased at Atomic Exchange.

The process for Mining Gold:

  1. Food
  2. Energy
  3. Mining Gold (every 2 hours)
  4. Convert Gold to FWG token (can be done in game via “Exchange”)
  5. Convert FWG to WAX (can be done via Alcor Exchange)
  6. Convert WAX to $AUD (I used Coinspot, but you can choose your own intermediary)

Mining Wood

Mining wood in Farmers World is not that much different to mining gold.  Process, process, process:

  1. Food
  2. Energy
  3. Mining Wood (every hour)
  4. Convert Wood to FWW token (in game at “Exchange”)
  5. Convert FWW to WAX token (Alcor Exchange)
  6. WAX to AUD (Coinspot or your favourite intermediary.)

There are 3 tools for mining wood: Ancient Stone Axe, Saw and Chainsaw.  Each have their own prices related to their output.  They can be purchased at Atomic Exchange.


Mathematical Examples

Mining for Gold

  1. I bought one Fishing Net to support one Excavator
    • Total Buy in = 7700 WAX = AUD$3750
  2. Mining Food: Assume 8 hours mining per day.  This means:
    • Click the “Mine” button on “Fishing Net” every hour (9 times)
    • Total Food = 20 x 9 = 180
    • Total Energy per day = 180 x 5 = 900
  3. Mining Gold: Assume 8 hours mining per day.  This means:
    • Click the “Mine” button on “Mining Excavator” every hour (5)
    • Total Energy Consumed = 133 x 5 = 665 (I am more than covered)
    • Total Gold = 100 x 5 = 500
    • Total per week = 7 days x 500 gold = 3500
  4. Total FWG = 3500 (less any commission)
  5. Total WAX = 3500 x 0.25 = 875 (less any commission)
  6. Total $AUD = 875 * 0.5 = $437.50 (before commissions)
  7. Break even on my investment (whilst still keeping the assets – ie the Net and Excavator)
    • $3750/437.50 = 8.57 Weeks


Fishing net cost = 1200 WAX

Excavator cost = 6500 WAX

1 WAX = $0.50 AUD

1 FWG = 0.25 WAX

1 Food produces 5 energy

1 mine of Fishing net yields 20 food

1 mine of Mining Excavator yields 100 Gold

Other ways to make money

There are other ways to make money such as: growing crops, growing chickens to product eggs and producing cows/bulls to create milk and more cows.

At the time of writing, I had experimented with growing crops and chickens.  Crops in particular required far too much time and energy for the meagre rewards.  Chickens are less intensive but the return is still not great.  Raising cows/bulls looks like a more efficient endeavour and I will get to that soon.

Memberships: investment in expediting the process.

There are 3 types of memberships available – Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each with a different buy in related to rewards:

  1. Mining bonuses. You must choose a membership in the discipline that you wish to mine to get the benefits ie: Wood, Food Gold.  Prices are lowest for wood and highest for Gold.  Each can be purchased for Atomic Hub.
  2. Extra slots for mining equipment.  You start off with two spots and memberships add more.  Bronze adds 1, Silver adds 2, Gold adds 3.
  3. Farmers Coins. These can be accumulated to assist with producing further memberships in the Smithy.  Another way to get memberships or sell them as a revenue source.
  4. Stored mining – which really helps in reducing the number of times that you need to come back and press buttons.  eg. for a bronze Food membership, you get to store 1 mine.  Thus you only need to come back every 2 hours to claim 2 mines.
  5. Extra maximum energy.  This isnt really a biggie for me, because if you are coming back to press buttons, you might as well top up energy whilst you are there.  Note: dont convert more energy than 500 units or you will lose the energy and food.  Another thing that I found out the hard way.

A further explanation of memberships can be found here.

Farmers World Bronze Member


Whilst it all looks like fun and games, it is a very volatile space to operate in.  mainly due to the number of variables that can drastically fluctuate:

  1. WAX price, which although independent, follows fluctuations of Crypto prices in general.
  2. Conversion prices: eg FWG to WAX.  Whilst it was 0.25 at time of writing, I am seen it as low as 0.16
  3. Commissions.  At best when you convert FWG, FWF or FWW to Wax, the commissions is 5%.  Then there are commissions for each of the wallets that you use on the way through.  These commissions can vary.
  4. Game popularity.  Probably the biggest gamble.  Although it has a very healthy number of daily players today, that may change drastically tomorrow.

Again this article is not financial advice.  Do as much homework as you can before jumping in to any investment.