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Local marketing. We love it. Its free and effective.

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I admit it, I am a fan of local marketing.  Why? In my experience over several clients, it can provide the highest quality of lead.  Moreover, it’s getting to a stage now that the quantity of leads coming through local marketing is on par with other forms of marketing – due to the rise of Google Business.

Why else do I like it?  It’s free!

I have a client who was paying $4500 per year for a local marketing group.  My advice was: sack the group, take your partner out for a slap up dinner and pocket the rest.

I hear you asking, wont their new leads drop off dramatically?  My answer is an emphatic NO!

Local marketing (free) can be whittled down to 7 priceless words: “Can I please have a Google review?”

Having a variety of good quality reviews from good quality sources will help push you up the rankings.

Local marketing (free) can be whittled down to 7 priceless words: “Can I please have a Google review?”

Ok I’ve jumped ahead a couple of steps. Do you have a Google Business account?  If not, its easy as anything to get one, so long as your business has an address that you can pick mail up from (not a PO Box).  Unfortunately in Australia, we don’t have the luxury of other countries of being verified by Google via phone or video or carrier pigeon. Steps (all free):
  1. Go into Google and google your business.  What comes up?  If you have been around a while, chances are that your business is already there and is “unclaimed”.  If not you can register a new business.
  2. Claim or register your business and fill out EVERYTHING.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Don’t wait a day, month, year because it won’t happen.  Fill out EVERYTHING. Opening hours, logo, photos, description (ie why your customers choose you and not someone else.) EVERYTHING.
  3. Google thinks Australia still has horse drawn carriages, so once you have submitted your profile, you have to wait for the postman.  Within around 2 weeks (usually sooner) you will receive a letter from Google with a code. Go back into your profile and verify your business with this code
  4. This may unlock a few more areas that you can fill in.  Double check and fill in EVERYTHING.  Note, I have often seen a bug in Google Business that repeatedly asks for a logo even though you have submitted one.
  5. Remember the 7 priceless words above.  Google Business even makes it easy for you by giving you a clickable link that you can copy and send to your clients.
  6. Update you profile to keep it current. This could mean adding hours (or non hours) for upcoming public holidays.  Or the addition of a new product.  Or service.  Or write a post about something new in the industry.

Google Business is probably the most untapped resource as a media channel. What comes up first when you search Google?  The local map.  Use this to your advantage to get a step up on your competition.


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