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Willway – Self help stress management site

Willway Wellness health and wellbeing website 1

The Willway Self help stress management site is all about targeting the segment of people who are at the stage of feeling a little overwhelmed by stress in their lives. It is to help people help themselves before the stress cumulates into something more devastating – like mental illness. The site doesnt treat those with mental illness and directs them to health professionals.

It is the result of many decades of study by Wendy Roy, an exeedingly talented individual who published many papers on the topic. This site is the result of her lifes work.

The most challenging part of the ite was to take all of that written resarch and give it an online personality and presence.

Gravity Forms was used to provide Self Assessment tools that the user could then use to find out more about themselves and how to help themselves.

Knowledge Base was also used to document associated readings.

The result is stage one, or a market test before a much larger site to come.


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