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"I need to pay my Subbies!" "I need more working capital" "I need quick approval" "I need an uncomplicated process"

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance made SIMPLE!

Supply Chain Finance

How it Works

What is Supply chain Finance?

Supply Chain Finance is where a third party (finance company) pays an invoice from your supplier (eg. a subby), allowing you to take advantage of early payment benefits from the supplier.  This strengthens relationships with your suppliers (and they with theirs) meaning a stronger likelihood they will do more work with you.

It also allows you to extend the time by which you have to pay the finance company back.  eg 90 days.

Do you have an example of Supply Chain Finance?

Yes! This is  a recent example of a new client that is a builder.

We had been assisting a concreter and framer with our invoice finance service as their builder client paid them between 30-45 days.   I asked these clients if I could speak to their builder about a different and possibly more cost effective way that they could be paid.
They setup a meeting with the builder and as it turned out, they had other subbies that often would request early payment from their accounts payable person.    They went ahead quite quickly with setting up a supply chain finance facility to offer the concreter and framer early payment and not long after they also setup another 5 subbies on the same arrangement.   In our first two months we have added around $14,000 to the builders bottom line through the rebates they earned from the subbies early payment fees.
Subbies are also happy that they can manage their cashflow better as well.

What is the process?

  1. The supplier sends their invoice to you.
  2. Once you approve it, the finance group pays your supplier on their terms, on or before the due date.
  3. You can extend terms up to 90 days, at little or no cost, when your business pays the money back within the agreed time frame.

How much finance can I get?

Between $5K and $2M

How long does it take to get finance?

Fast approval, funding in as little as 24 hours, up to $350K.

Or 1-3 weeks to establish a finance facility between $350K-$2M.

Existing clients get the funds same day.

Are there any eligibility criteria?

  1. Your business must be in operation for longer than 2 years
  2. Your business has an active ABN or ACN
  3. Your business generates over $40K revenue per month or $1M revenue per year.

Who provides the finance?

Savemi is an authorised representative for FIFO Capital, a leading Australian Private Finance company working across all types of industries, to provide cash flow and working capital facilities.

"One Builder added $14,000 to their bottom line, just by taking advantage of early payment discounts."

How do I get Finance?

  • Get in touch with our team for a free, no obligation, 15 minute consultation
  • Provide the necessary, agreed documents to establish your business’ eligibility.  Standard requirements are:
    • ABN or ACN
    • Financial documents.  You will only ever be asked for the documentation needed in order to assess your business’ circumstances.
  • Wait for approval
  • Funds arrive in your bank
  • Reuse the facility at any time