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Did you know that we can manage your website for you?

Manage Your Website

Why let someone manage your website?

Many of our clients find that although they have the greatest of intentions, marketing and in particular their website become a task to do “When they have time”.

As most business owners and managers know, that time rarely arrives as you get consumed in running a business.  Thus the website falls by the wayside.

That’s where our clients look to us for help:

  1. Updating the website to the latest versions of WordPress and plugins. Did you know that if you do not keep your website updated, you open yourself to crashes, bugs, a poor user experience – or even worse – hackers.
  2. Removing unnecessary stuff from your website – such as plugins and themes that you do not use
  3. Providing marketing recommendations to increase site visits, engagement and conversions.
  4. Working with you to develop rolling 4-8 week content strategies.  Then help you create and disseminate the content to social media outlets
  5. Providing recommendations to streamline the site for user experience and site speed
  6. Providing monthly reporting, site audits and recommendations.

We can also help you with advertising your site.

Want a free, no obligation quote to manage your website and marketing? Let us do what we do best, to allow you to do what you do best.



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