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Do I need a mobile app?

mobile apps

We often get asked “Do you build mobile apps?”

My immediate response is “Why?”

If the answer does not give a concise explanation as to how the app will be sticky enough to:

a) Generate revenue from existing sources

b) Generate new revenue streams – eg. from sales of the app

then the likelihood is that the client doesn’t need an app.  Natively built apps can be cost prohibitive and the ROI doesnt justify the expense.  It is about getting down to what the client REALLY means.  Often what most clients want is for their website to look good on mobile, rank well on Google and they arent aware that there are alternatives out there.

Lets examine further by going through each step of the customer experience with your brand on mobile:

  1. Unresponsive – meaning that a website doesnt function properly on mobile. Most websites fit into this category either because they are built on old technology, built poorly or started out as being responsive but never updated and maintained.  Most clients needs also fit into this category.
  2. Responsive – meaning that a website functions as well and looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop.  The benefits of a responsive over an unresponsive site are well documented and are summarised here.  We can build you a new site or work on your existing WordPress site to make it 100% mobile responsive.
  3. Progressive Web App – this is also called a “hybrid”. It has the functionality of a “responsive site” but also allows you to add the site as a mobile desktop icon – similar to an app. Paired with the right technology, you can even use push notifications and track usage. Check out this site on your device for an example of a Progressive Web App.
  4. WordPress to Native apps – we can transform a WordPress site to a “native” app that can be submitted to Apple and Android stores. Best for small sites that do 1 thing well
  5. Native development – ground up mobile app building, especially for ecommerce and app sales.

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