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Events4GreaterGood – not for profit website

E4GG Not for profit website 1

Events4GreaterGood is the brainchild of Oz Bayldon. An enterprenuer, philanthropist, musician. We met up at Noosaville near our Sunshine Coast office and Oz took me through all of the projects that he is working on. It was like a whirlwind.

I left envigorated, my mind spinning with the possibilities.

First task was to address the charity – Events 4 Greater Good. In essence – it does what it says on the box. Oz and his team hold charity events with the proceeds going to causes to help out Nepal, Australia and the Amazon.

The site highlights each of these causes and serves as an event, ticketing and merchandise ecommerce store. It also serves as a recruiting platform for those who want to join up and help.

Currently hanpered by COVID, we are looking to do events Australia based – such as Club de Coast and Worlds Craziest Gig.


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