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Adelaides Fast internet Instagram Link Site

Instagram link sites: when one link is never enough.

  1. Is your Instagram page a key component of your social media marketing?
  2. Do you want to promote more the one external link?
  3. Do you want to use your brand and domain name rather than someone elses?

Our customer “Adelaide’s Fast Internet” answered yes to all of these questions. They had a number of articles and clients that they wanted to link to from their Instagram page.

Whilst Instagram is a behemoth in social media marketing, one constraint that it does have is that you can only have one external link.

A single page Instagram link site can help.

Starting with our economical “One Pager” hosting @ $9.95 per month, Savemi can build you a single page WordPress site that allows you to add a many links as you need, as well as drag and drop them to the order that you require.

This is exactly what we built for Adelaide’s Fast Internet – who wanted to use their own domain rather than that of a link building site.

“Jon created a bespoke and branded link site which has added important functionality to the Adelaide’s Fast Internet Instagram platform. Potential customers can link quickly and easily to key information straight from our bio.”

“The limitation of Instagram not allowing links in post captions has been overcome by adding a link site. We can promote videos, case studies and website links easily on Adelaide’s Fast Internet by having the links all in one easy place for followers to access. One click and they are connected.”

“Having a link site in Instagram has enabled Adelaide’s Fast Internet to have a seamless way for followers to find out more information. All the links relating to the latest posts are contained in one place with clear headings for people to click on and link through to the respective content.”


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