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Markisol Blinds: Website, brand marketing, social media

Markisol Blinds Website

Markisol Blinds Australian digital marketing. This campaign was so highly rated by the client that it will lead the way for their entire Global strategy.

Firstly was the brand strategy working with the client on understanding their customers. We boiled them down to 3 key segments: DIY wanting information, DIFM wanting inspiration and Commercial wanting to know that big jobs can be supplied.

Secondly was the Markisol Blinds website development. our challenge was to create a balanced site between the 3 segments, but also bring the brand in the 2020’s. Along with this we had to satisfy the corporate needs of the site. The DIY section contains a product catalogue with direct links to their key retailer Bunnings.

Finally was the establishment and kick start of their 3 social channels – Facebook for DIY, Instagram for DIFM, Pinterest for Commercial.

Markisol Blinds Home Page 2
Markisol Blinds Home Page 3

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