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Open AI and search. Get ahead of the curve


Will the search landscape change dramatically in the future with Open AI?

Within the news in the last 3 months, you may have come across a breakthrough technology called Chat GPT. Chat GPT is a chat bot that uses artificial intelligence to hold human like conversations. ZDNet has given the easiest to follow run down on Chat GPT that we have read.

This article is about the underlying technology. Open AI. Microsoft has invested heavily into Open AI and recently announced that its search engine “Bing” will utilise the tech. Yes Microsoft does have its own search engine.

We have been so conditioned to “google” something, but the times may be a changin. Open AI will allow Bing to chat to users about concepts far more complex than any search engine can currently handle. More importantly for your business is the ability for a client to ask questions, then follow up questions – much like a conversation with a human.

That all sounds fascinating Jon, but what does that mean for my business?

It means that Bing may all of a sudden become a preferred search engine for many of your clients. And you can get ahead of the curve. Did you know:

    1. That Bing even existed?
    2. That Bing has its own bots and Webmaster Tools?
    3. That Bing has its own way of ranking information and thus websites?

Probably not – because who cares right? Everyone Googles. However this may change.

To be ready if it does and it wont hurt you rankings on other search engine if it doesnt, follow these steps:

    1. Get yourself a Microsoft account – most people in this universe probably have one anyway
    2. Log into Bing Webmaster Tools. Add your site and add a sitemap.
    3. Log into Bing Places. Add your business – much like Google Business
    4. Monitor your search appearance on Bing, not just Google. Use tools such as SEM Rush or SE Ranking.
    5. Make your customer service team and sales team your best friends. Why? Both groups are at the coal face each day answering questions from clients. Repeatedly. Write a list of the most common and logical follow up questions. Have a bit of fun with it. Role play it. Turn it into a game of who can remember the silliest question that they have had to answer.
    6. Take the new Microsoft Edge with Bing for a roadtest. We can help you if you need.  What you can do with the new Bing is start with a question then either ask follow up questions OR let Bing show you the most commonly asked follow up questions are.  This is where you get the ‘mined gold’.
    7. Finalise the list of questions and follow up questions.
    8. Write an FAQ page on your website (a must if you dont have one) or update your current. Write it as a series of questions and follow up questions. Write it like a conversation.

The probability is high the Google will love the content now and Bing will actively look for it when they update Bing to the next generation using Open AI.

If you need help with any of this – feel free to give us a shout.


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