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Wordpress Security

Top 5 ways to secure your WordPress site

Savemi ran our own digital game codes ecommerce site for about 8 years. We survived hacks, chargebacks, poor payment providers, stealing and code resellers. Over this time we have tried many different solutions to keeping our site secure here are our top 5 tips: YITH Woocommerce Anti-fraud. Scanning an order…
December 27, 2019
Site speed

Do I need AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

I have just taken the plunge into AMP. Im not talking finances or making a noise out of my Gibson. I'm talking AMP as in Accelerated Mobile pages. Basically I took the plunge because it's a Google initiative and just to see how it performs and look under the hood.…
September 23, 2019
mobile apps
Web Development

Do I need a mobile app?

We often get asked "Do you build mobile apps?" My immediate response is "Why?" If the answer does not give a concise explanation as to how the app will be sticky enough to: a) Generate revenue from existing sources b) Generate new revenue streams - eg. from sales of the…
August 6, 2019