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AFL Mint first impressions.

AFL Mint

The good news is that the barriers to entry and frustration factor are so high that you actually have a chance to get packs and plenty of them if you know what you are doing.

I registered 5 days ago and was asked to verify my email address. I didn’t get the email so I forgot completely about it. Only for it to arrive today.

So I got this and thought ok I’m in. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I still had to register my mobile number, which I’m not all that comfortable with, but went along for the ride. A code was sent to my mobile number which I entered and kept going.

Then there was the email code. 6 attempts it took me to get a code that matched, due to the UI being so bad that the “enter code” section disappeared, back to the “register” screen which you had to start over again.

At this stage, I am looking at all other options to login. To my dismay and annoyance, I couldn’t log in with my Metamask account.

I persisted and finally got through, only to find that there is a countdown on.

With the picture above, I’m not sure if I am getting a pack of NFT’s or a condom.

This release will set back mainstream adoption of blockchain, crypto and NFT’s by 5 years. I consider myself very savvy with NFT’s and found the whole process confusing, laborious and unnessesary.

For a mainstream brand like AFL, the process needs to be seamless. An immediate and logical progression from real dollars to packs, rather than the ridiculous sign up process.

AFL – do your homework first before getting into areas that you don’t understand.


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