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Brand development and SEO

Gabriels Tiles 2

Brand development and SEO

Gabriels Tiles: The client was operating in a highly competitive environment (selling tiles) in a low profile warehouse (not subject to passers by) surrounded by competitors in better locations who were also destroying them online. The previous website had its good points, but it was cluttered, slow and had a confused purpose – it was trying to be everything to everybody. Solution: The client was focused (like all of their competitors) upon product. After talking to the client, it became far more apparent that they were a service. Full Stack Tilers – if you will! So the strategy changed to positioning themselves as an end to end service. Given that this made them unique, the right keywords naturally just fell out for them to target. Some of the implementations were: Front page restructure with a clear focus, with call to action deals. All direted toward a key phrase.

  • Image optimisation
  • Site reduction – ie getting rid of unnecessary pages and posts
  • Long tail keyword research
  • Meta titles

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