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SEO Audit

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If you have not had an SEO Audit performed on your site, stop everything you are doing SEO wise instantly. If you are paying someone for SEO services, halt them immediately. It’s like trying to treat a medical condition without first diagnosing it. Or giving your car mechanic free rein to line his/her pockets to work on your car, without knowing what’s wrong with it.

Your sites SEO broadly comes down to three things:
Difference. Eg. Fresh, unique content
Authority. Eg. Links to your site
Structure. Eg Site speed, user experience

In a particular SEO Audit, our client Carlton Live wanted to know how their site ranked versus competition for specific key words – to get an SEO edge and boost them toward the top.

The SEO Audit tools that we use audit thousands of criteria under the categories of:

  • Health: eg. XML sitemaps, https
  • Page analysis: eg. Mixed content, robots.txt, canonicals
  • Meta analysis: eg. Titles and descriptions
  • Content analysis: eg. Duplicate content, heading tags, word counts
  • Links analysis: ie. Internal and external links
  • Optimisation: eg. Eliminate render-blocking resources, minify CSS and Javascript
  • Images analysis: eg. alt text, missing images
  • Usability: eg mobile friendliness and sitespeed.

The SEO Audit report highlights problems and ways for improvement. The report also gives instruction on how to implement this on and off the site.

An extremely powerful tool for business.

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