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Nastec Australia: Website, SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media

Nastec Australia website 1

Nastec Australia is a new initiative by the Watertorque Group of Western Australia. They successfully applied for the distribution rights for the Italian range of Nastec Solar pumps.

The objective was to not only build a new website but come up with a marketing plan to help maximse sales to maximise the relationship with their new partner.

We spent significant time with Nastec to understand their products, market and competition – time well spent learning about very technical concepts!

Together, we identified their competitive advantage and built a campaign around it:

  1. Website
  2. Google Ads – for immediate impact
  3. Social Media Ads – to increase awareness
  4. Social Media and SEO programs for longer term growth

The client was very happy with the outome and has retained us to work with them long term. We are also going to be rolling out a second site for another business very shortly.

Nastec Australia website 3
Nastec Australia website 4
Nastec Australia website 5
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