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Savemi: Google Display Ads Certified

Savemi Google Display Ads Certification

We are proud to announce that Savemi Digital Marketing is now officially Google Display Ads certified. With this certification, backed with over 20 years marketing experience, Savemi can get the most out of your marketing budget.

Savemi can help translate your business plan through to your marketing strategy, as well as in your advertising, goals and budgets. We can recommend and implement different campaigns for different strategies. Whether it’s a brand awareness campaign or driving conversion by retargeting, Savemi can help.

With our assistance, you can plan and adopt the right keywords based upon what makes your business special. We will work with you on an appropriate budget, set campaigns to the budget through forcasting techniques and review and adjust accordingly each month.

With Google’s super feature: Responsive Display Ads, we can help you create ads across all sizes, platforms and formats. All you need to do is provide creative assets (images, video, text) and we can maximise your advertising reach, no graphic designer needed!

Do you have a product available to sell via ecommerce? We can launch your items to be a part of Google Merchant Centre and have your products displayed in the Shopping section for all to see.

If you are new to, or sceptical of Google Ads, we can run a small test campaign and analyse the data to create findings before upscaling, ensuring we find the campaign that will suit your businesses’ needs.

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