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Savemi: now offering Business Finance

Supply Chain Finance

We are proud to announce that Savemi is now providing Business Finance and in particular Supply Chain Finance.

Why the move into this space?

We have witnessed far too many reports of suppliers and subcontractors losing money due to other businesses running out of cash flow. When in fact there is an easy solution: Supply Chain Finance.

In simple terms, this is where a third party (finance company) pays an invoice from a supplier (eg. a subby), allowing the business to take advantage of early payment benefits from the supplier. This strengthens relationships with suppliers (and they with theirs) meaning a stronger likelihood they will do more work.

It also allows businesses to extend the time by which they have to pay the finance company back. eg 90 days.

Everybody wins.

So keep your impeccable business reputation, take advantage of early payment discounts, or if you are a supplyer/sub-contractor, suggest this as a simple solution.

Finance between $5K and $2M is available to businesses all over the globe. The application process is simple and approvals can be given in less than 24 hrs. Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply,

To find out more details, click here


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